Another case of profits over public health.

For years we’ve been told we should reduce our fat intake, and that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to sugar. As we are beginning to see now, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Personally I am not a proponent of ketogenic or high-fat-low-carb diets, but sugar is a terrible culprit in the increasing waist lines and decreasing health of Western society. So how is it that for so many years this lie was propagated? The answer lies in the manipulations of the powerful sugar lobby. If you look at heavily marketed, high processed foods, they are all filled with sugar to make them taste good. So this industry had the money to manipulate scientific research in their favor. High fat foods tend to be home cooked, meaty meals, made with ingredients found on the edges of the grocery store. Not the types of foods that have a monolithic, rich industry lobby behind them.

This article does a good job of scratching the surface on the real life conspiracy of the sugar industry.

Want more examples of corporations dictating what is “healthy” purely in the interest of their own profits? Read how breakfast became a thing here.


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