Don’t believe weight loss is all calories?

This nutrition professor set out to prove pure calorie counting is what matters most in weight loss. And he did – by losing 27 pounds on a strict diet of Twinkies and junk food. Simply by creating a caloric deficit, the professor created the right conditions to result in the shedding of body fat.

The truth is, body fat is stored energy. No matter what anyone tells you, the human body is not capable of breaking the laws of physics – energy cannot be created or destroyed. A calorie is simply a measuring device to tell you how much energy is stored in a food, much like a ruler. The same measuring device, calories, can be used to determine how much energy we expend through metabolic processes, movement, exercise, etc. As long as calories in < calories out, the result will be weight loss. Just like if calories in > calories out, the result will be stored energy, aka, body fat.

But wait, surely eating straight junk resulted in health problems for the professor, you may say. Actually, the professor’s health markers for cholesterol and triglycerides had improved when he completed his diet. The truth is that the excess body fat that one carries is a much greater detriment to one’s health than what exactly one is eating. Certainly eating whole foods is linked to much better health outcomes, including a healthy weight, however, getting to that healthy weight is the far more important hurdle to jump first.

There are small variances in the population when it comes to metabolism, caloric absorption from some foods versus others, but overall, for weight loss purposes, creating a general caloric deficit and doing it honestly and wholeheartedly will allow any human alive to lose weight. The tough part is keeping the resolve to sticking with it, and coming up with strategies to keep yourself on track.


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