Delicious Roasted Eggplants

Trade the mozzarella for feta to cut the calories. Eggplants are tasty and filling!

Live Eat Create

August is almost gone but eggplants are still here! Before you rush to tell me that you can find eggplants all year around, I need to confess, ever since my parents created their vegetable garden I have a passion about eating fresh vegetables on their season.

Now, some 2,500km away from my beloved Aegean sea and my parents’ garden, trying to adapt at my new home here in beautiful north Hamburg,  I’m trying to dig out the grocery stores, open markets and every possible place with fresh products and stay in track with my passion for seasonal food.


In my family we all love eggplants and we cook them in every possible way, from simple roasted with garlic and parsley for appetizer to complicated stew with octopus or even an unexpectedly crunchy dessert. When I saw those perfect eggplants at a grocery store not far from our new apartment, I…

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