“I just don’t have time to lose weight” – the worst excuse in the book.

People have this preconceived notion that they have to spend hours slaving at the gym in order to lose weight. So they love their number one excuse, “I just don’t have time”. The truth is, you cannot out-exercise a poor diet. It takes absolutely no time out of your life to cut the sugar and cream from your coffee, switch to calorie-free beverages, skip the garbage donuts left out at the office. All it takes is a little will power to eat less and eat a little better. You don’t need to spend hours prepping salads and chicken breast for the week, all you need to do is cut the crap and not go back for seconds.

And the truth is, if you don’t make time now, you won’t have time later. The National Institute of Health found that those with a BMI of 40+ had a shorter life expectancy than normal BMI individuals of 13.7 years! That’s the life span of a well-lived pet, or an entire childhood. For context, a BMI of 40 is a 5’5″ tall woman weighing 240 pounds. Just because this has become the norm in our over-eating society does not make it ok!

So which one is more important to you? Another helping of cake and ice cream loaded with excuses about having no time, or a longer lifespan to spend time with your family and loved ones? The choice is all yours.


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