Whether it’s your warm-up or your work-out, these exercises can be done anywhere with very little equipment

Bodybuilding.com brings you 9 Fun and Effective Ways to Warm Up, but don’t let the title fool you. These are great suggestions whether you’re using them to warm-up, or they make up your whole workout. What I love about them is they require very little equipment and can be done anywhere. Most of these moves can be done by anyone, whether you’ve got 100+ pounds to lose or even looking to gain. I mean, come on, #3 is to blast some tunes and dance like nobody is watching! The whole point being just to get moving on a regular basis. Numbers one, six and eight remind you to keep it dynamic, meaning incorporate some stretching and full range of motion movements into your workout. Don’t have a BOSU trainer for #4? No problem, do the exercises balanced on your tippy toes or on one leg. No medicine ball for #9? Easy peasy, grab a dumbbell or any weighted object you can hold in your hands. It’s literally an excuse-free workout, all you’ve got to do is do it!


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