German commercial reminds us that it is worth it to work towards our fitness goals, even when everyone else thinks you’re ridiculous.

With over two thirds of the population in North America today falling into the overweight or obese category, it can be very difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan. The peer pressure is massive to just give in and eat the office donuts, an extra helping of dinner, or a massive restaurant meal and then lie on the couch watching Netflix.

A German supermarket commercial has caught a lot of flack this week for “fat shaming” because it challenges us to go against the grain of today’s overweight and unfit society and face our goals through fitness and healthy eating. You can catch this inspiring ad, called “Eatkarus”, here.

I think the important thing to get out of this production is that changing our habits is hard. It’s not easy to step out of the daily things were used to doing, to go against what everyone else is doing, even in the face of ridicule, like the boy experiences. But in order to reach our goals, our habits need to change. And the only way to reach a better place, to “fly”, is to change our habits. There is no magic wand we can wave that will get us there. The boy attempts to use quick fixes like balloons or a kite, but in the end, it’s his habits he needs to change in order to reach his goals.

People need to keep in mind that they can get upset, call out a company as “fat shaming” because it criticizes their complacent lifestyles, but in the end feeling bad about yourself and trying to shut others down for pointing it out, isn’t getting you anywhere. If you really do want to stop feeling bad and start feeling good, you have to put in the work, to maintain the consistency, to have the will power to get to where you want to be. There are no magic wands when it comes to a healthy active lifestyle.


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