Check This Out: Ability to stand without support is a reliable longevity predictor

Can you get off the floor without using your hands? If not it may be time to start working on it. Scientists have found that our ability to get up off the floor without using our hands for support was a good enough indicator of overall health to predict our longevity over the next 6 years. Check out the full story here.

What impedes the ability to stand unsupported? Body fat getting in the way and weighing us down, for one. The best way to improve body composition and decrease body fat is to follow a moderate calorie restricted diet. Another culprit is lack of balance or muscular strength, both of which are improved with strength training. The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology recommends we engage in strength training activities two times per week. Finally, flexibility is required to get our limbs to where they need to be before they can propel us up off the floor. A simple stretching routine done regularly after exercise or even as a stand alone workout is easy and enjoyable to work into your day.


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