Beginner’s Fitness Class!!

Tuesdays from September 5th to November 14th, Halloween off

 6:30 – 7:30 pm

 $100 for 10 sessions

 Merlin Community Hall

This will be a general fitness class with equal time devoted to cardio, strength and stretching. We will focus on fun and form! You will get personal attention for any modifications you require, allowing you to gain strength and ability so you can improve your fitness safely and effectively.

Cardio portion: Low impact, equipment free exercises to get your heart rate up, get your circulation going, and oxygenate those muscles.

Strength portion: We will use dumbbells and body weight exercises for both the upper and lower body designed to strengthen and tone overall.

Stretching portion: Wind down with a nice cool down and stretch designed to get you to a nice restful state after all that hard work, while continuing to keep the circulation flowing to soothe and repair those sore muscles!

How to prepare?

 Bring an exercise/yoga matt and a pair of 3- or 5-pound dumbbells. Wear something comfortable that you can move and stretch in. Wear athletic shoes, preferably ones reserved for indoor use. Finally, bring lots of water!

Contact Agnes to sign up. Payment will be taken on the first day of class. CASH ONLY. Please arrive 15 minutes early for the first class to complete payment and paperwork.


Agnes Arias, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

647-233-7321 (call or text) /


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