Great resource for eating for weight loss – Reddit’s 1200 is plenty subreddit

If your goal going in to the New Year is to lose weight, a great resource is Reddit's 1200 is plenty subreddit. Even if your daily caloric goal is something other than 1200 calories a day, the subreddit provides great recipes and sensible portion sizes for anyone looking to watch what they eat. Also some [...]


Don’t believe weight loss is all calories?

This nutrition professor set out to prove pure calorie counting is what matters most in weight loss. And he did - by losing 27 pounds on a strict diet of Twinkies and junk food. Simply by creating a caloric deficit, the professor created the right conditions to result in the shedding of body fat. The truth is, [...]

Coffee – it’s all in what you put in it.

I often see clients sabotage their own weight loss efforts quickly and effectively by not being conscious of the way they are drinking their coffee. Coffee is fantastic - it's got zero calories, gives you a nice pick me up, has anti-oxidants, and helps suppress your appetite during intermittent fasting or when trying to skip [...]