Beginner’s Fitness Class!!

Tuesdays from September 5th to November 14th, Halloween off  6:30 – 7:30 pm  $100 for 10 sessions  Merlin Community Hall This will be a general fitness class with equal time devoted to cardio, strength and stretching. We will focus on fun and form! You will get personal attention for any modifications you require, allowing you [...]

Advertisements – challenges you to workout everyday with bodyweight/minimal equipment routines is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to get into working out with minimal equipment and even less cash investment. The website provides hundreds of workouts, challenges, tips, tools and instructions for any level of fitness. Checkout their "Fitness" tab for tons of how-tos and FAQs to help you when you get stuck. Darebee [...]

Whether it’s your warm-up or your work-out, these exercises can be done anywhere with very little equipment brings you 9 Fun and Effective Ways to Warm Up, but don't let the title fool you. These are great suggestions whether you're using them to warm-up, or they make up your whole workout. What I love about them is they require very little equipment and can be done anywhere. Most of these moves [...]

Not moving enough is almost as bad as smoking, study says.

A 45-year study out of Sweden has found that a life long habit of low levels of aerobic exercise predicts death risk. In terms of lifestyle factors that contribute to a shortened lifespan, lack of exercise is second only to smoking. Considering that aerobic exercise essentially trains your heart and lungs, improves the circulation of oxygen and [...]

Looking to protect your cognitive abilities into old age? Stay active!

The Northern Manhattan Study team at Columbia University has found a link between physical activity and prevention of cognitive declines as we age. Older adults who maintained a moderate to high level of physical activity over 5 years were compared to those who engaged on low or no physical activity. Those in the no/low physical [...]