The Three Points Fitness Philosophy

Determination – Nutrition – Action

Often we feel that if we just ate right and exercised, we would see results. Or maybe we have seen some results, but progress has stagnated because something in the program needs tweaking, but we don’t have the knowledge to know what part needs to be changed.

In both of these cases we are missing the third, but most important, point of fitness. The mind!

The mind is where motivation to follow a program comes from. It is also where knowledge on nutrition and exercise is stored. We must condition the mind in order to stay consistent and continue to see results.

That’s what sets Three Points Fitness apart. Not only will you get great nutrition and exercise tips, but I will also help you identify the thought patterns and behaviors that prevent you from making real change in your life.


Every day we make choices to behave in certain ways. These choices are the result of thought patterns that we have developed over time. The choices that we make on a daily basis add up and up until they form a lifestyle. We fall into these patterns of behaviors because it is easy to do so. We are busy with our jobs, families, other priorities. It is easier to fall back on our usual pattern of behavior than to experience the added mental fatigue of making a new choice. This is why making a “lifestyle change”, as dieting is often described, is SO DIFFICULT! Our brain simply does not want to make all those changes.

Even if we know cognitively that making those changes will result in a better state in the future, it can be hard to stay motivated throughout all of those small decisions because the end goal is such a huge leap so far off in the distance.

Thoughts and behavior patterns is the first point we need to focus on when approaching any goal. First, we build a strong mind. Once we have a strong, determined mind to work from, correct nutrition and action become easy.


Nutrition is the second point we address. No matter what your goal is, whether it is weight loss or gain, building strength or stamina, nutrition must be addressed first. It is often said that weight loss is 90% nutrition, 10% exercise. When we eat, we ingest the building blocks for our body. Nothing is truer than the old adage, you are what you eat! The building blocks that we consume need to be in line with our fitness goals, in order for our fitness goals to be achievable.

Often changes in diet can be seen as extremely painful and unsustainable. My goal is to avoid pain by focusing on how we can make meaningful, permanent changes in thought and behavior patterns, in order to make nutritional changes work for you. When cravings are minimized or eliminated, and motivation is high, making healthy choices for yourself and for your family is easy!


Action is the component of fitness that most comes to mind when we hear the word “fitness” – it’s the actual working out! While exercise has the potential to be great fun and bring about many benefits, it can also be a component that is paralyzing for many beginners. What type should you do, at what intensity, how frequently? Is the program you are using appropriate for your goals and current skill level? The default exercise is often viewed as just “going to the gym”, which many people can’t stand. Strength training can be intimidating and require lots of research to learn well, so often, beginners tend to stick to the elliptical or treadmill. Although these cardio machines have their place in a fitness program, alone they are unlikely to help address most people’s goals or progress them to a place where they see improvement in their physical fitness.

My goal is to show you that there is a great variety of fun fitness activities out there that can be done outside of just going to the gym. I want to help you identify a broad range of exercise types that you can get into without feeling discouraged, without getting loaded with additional costs and without feeling like the gym or the elliptical machine is the only way. I also want to address the many stumbling blocks and excuses that prevent regular people from exercising regularly. My hope is that more people can see how they can fit exercise regularly into their lives so that they too can experience the incredible physical, emotional and social benefits of a determined mind, sound nutrition, and a stronger and more fit body.